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Hmm that doesn't sound too inspiring for they are the one thing I am trying to avoid. Since you have mentioned Köyceğiz as being your home I am now assuming you live on the bank of the lake, is this so and can you tell me a little bit about your area. We are desperately seeking to leave Bodrum but we don't want city life


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I like Köyceğiz. I just visited for a day and an night, but I liked it. There's a beautiful lake there, with a promenade. And one of the main things I liked is that there were trees, and shade, and a pleasant promenade along the lake shore. There, like in Dalyan, there are probably a lot of mosquitoes. In Dalyan they call mosquito repellent "Dalyan perfume." But that is probably exaggerated. I was in both places for a total of a couple of weeks and was never bitten by a mosquito. I think Köyceğiz is a great choice for someone who wants to live in a pleasant, quiet town. I took a few photos when I was there a few years ago of the town in general, the town square, and promenade. In my opinion, it's worth a visit.

Köyceğiz Photos

Of course, also visit Dalyan. My impression is that the expat population is higher there. And it has a fantastic beach (İztuzu Beach) which is accessed by river boats. İztuzu Beach is is completely unspoiled, because the Carretta Caretta (Loggerhead) Turtles nest there.

Dalyan and İztuzu Beach Photos

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We also ran away from Bodrum after experiencing it for 18 months!  And we looked for anywhere off the Bodrum Peninsula!  We live in one of the small villages about 10km from Koycegiz and find it perfect.  Koycegiz itself is growing fast - mostly Turkish escaping the cities - and becoming more crowded, although for many it is still considered a quiet small town.  In actual fact, Koycegiz does not have a large expat population - probably not as many as Dalyan which I consider very touristy in summer and too quiet in winter, with many places closed.  And nowhere near the level of Bodrum, or even Fethiye and Marmaris! 

Koycegiz is a market town that is active all year round and we go there for shopping or a meal out by the lake  - there is also a beach if you want to swim in the lake or go caneoing, etc.

One of the benefits of being in this area is that we are away from the main tourist areas and yet within easy reach if we want the "city" - one hour to Fethiye in one direction, or Marmaris in the other, and one hour from the capital Mugla, 40 mins to Dalaman airport.  We have the beauty of the lake, which I swim in all year round, many close by beaches, and the thermal pools and mud baths which we visit at least once a week throughout the year.   And I haven't noticed too many mosquitoes!

We have been here five years now and wouldn't consider moving - even though we're a bit off the beaten track  (the more off the better as far as I'm concerned!) 

Good luck to you in your search! 

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As mamish says, Koycegiz is a very central place with many places within easy reach. Marmaris, Fethiye and Mugla, all 60 km away with other interesting places in between, such as Dalyan with Iztuzu, Dalaman with Sarigerme beach, Sultaniye with its hot springs on the edge of the lake, Yulvarlak cay with its crystal-clear melt water river with cafes on the banks, wonderful on very hot days.https://www.google.com/search?q=yuvarlakçay&rlz=1C1PRFE_enTR707TR708&oq=yuvarlak&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.184328j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Koycegiz is a Turkish town and a pleasant place to live with a lively market on a Monday to which tourists come by boat up the lake from Dalyan.

Along the lake front there are a number of restaurants where it's very pleasant to sit, even on hot days as most days a breeze starts around midday.

I personally haven't had any issue with mosquitoes.

There is a small  beach at the top corner of the lake with its nearby Belediye cafe and opposite is a shady park.

As far as living is concerned, you can choose to live in the Koycegiz itself or in one of the nearby areas such as Toparlar, like me or Yeni Mahellesi and Zeytin Alani or a bit further out like mamish, in Dogus Belen or Beyobasi etc.

There is an expat community, but it's not very big. 

If you wish to know more please feel free to ask.


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