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Turkish driver's course

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@JustinM is having this issue now. You might contact him about this. But if I may ask, if your American friend has to go through the process, would you please update us, or maybe even ask him to join us and share their experience?

Apparently US citizens now have to go through the whole process from beginning to end, and I (and I am sure others) would like to learn about what is involved.

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S.licence owners needs to go to driving course and obtain a Turkish driving licence. Simply, after registering there will be a paper-based exam, second driving test with instructors. If passed on two tests you will entitle to get a Turkish driving licence.

Req Docs

1. Passport
2. Residence Permit
3. Biometric photograph
4. Degree ( Translated and notary ratified)
5. Health report
6. Criminal record certificate

Fees will be around 900 TL in total as I remember correctly.


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@greenstein, is it in all cases that a person wanting to get a driver's license must go to one of the driving schools? The reason I ask is because in the USA, there are driving schools, but you don't have to go to one. You can just go to the department of motor vehicles and get a book to study for the test, then go back and take the written test, then do the actual driving test with an instructor--the school is optional.

Is the driving school mandatory in Turkey?

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In the past we were able to exchange our foreign license for a Turkish license (after some actions like giving fingerprints, eye check, etc) but we were not required to take the actual driver course and test.  Now, we have been told that U.

S. and Canadian citizens cannot exchange their licenses for a Turkish license, they must go through the course/test.

My friend's only problem with this is his Turkish is not sufficient enough.  He is willing to pay a translator, but he needs to learn if the driver testing center will allow it.  

So we are hoping to hear from anyone who may have done the tests with a translator, and how they went about it.

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All Turks on leaving full time education get a certificate stating they have attended school and attained a certain level of education...we foreigners however need to provide proof by way of ,for example UK, O or A level certificates or a higher education diploma , from a university etc..
I can't answer for other countries,as i don't know what certificates can be attained.

So if we want a driving licence exchange or to take Turkish driving lessons ending in a driving test & Turkish drivers licence,we have to supply  a schooling certificate as would a Turkish citizen.

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Redders, that makes sense.  Of course we should have to provide the same documents that a Turkish citizen does.  My friend's problem is that his high school diploma was issued 40 years ago.  A bit hard to obtain a "legal" copy now.  He has a university diploma but they will not accept that, MUST be a high school or equivalent diploma.

Makes zero sense to me.  I also do not believe all Turkish drivers have the required diploma.

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On 06/06/2019 at 10:05, Izmir Ted said:

My friend's problem is that his high school diploma was issued 40 years ago.  A bit hard to obtain a "legal" copy now.

That seems something like the mission impossible what affects me. Maybe a license from within the southern caucasus states first and later exchange it into a turkish licence would work without later hassles? Some rumors tell that in the eastern Turkey its almost as with the old system to get a license. Is that true? Do you know if the Turkish authorities differ by the country of origin from the applicant? Because in western europe the hours of mandatory theorethical (up to 55h yet) and practical (up to 40h yet) training provides a good driving education and driving skills. Commercial drivers need up to 200 hours of failsafe driving alone after the exam within 12 months until their commercial license is permantent. (C, C1, C1E, D, D1, D E) Some countries here give the license to youth drivers (18+) on trial for two to three years of hassle-free (no drugs no alcohol no speeding) driving.

India Bangladesh the us. or some african countries suffer from zero to a few hours of training. Some never request theorethical and practical driving training. This isnt comparable to the above shown high standards. And demands.

At least, do they accept a paper copy of your foreign license to get thru the 'school' faster as you can provide knowledge and experience of driving?

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Have you tried contacting the government organization where that school is (was) to find out how you could get some kind of certification that he graduated high school? It must be a public record somewhere. I have heard somewhere before that the Turkish government didn't accept such documents and only wanted the certificate, but it might be worth finding out if they will accept a government record of his graduation.

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