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HELP!! Bail Out in Turkish Conscription.

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Hope someone can help. My boyfriend is currently in the army he said that you can offer to pay bail out to have a months leave off out of the 12 months he is serving for a price of 3,000TL. Is this possible or is he lying? Also, are you allowed to secretly use your mobile phones? 


Many thanks in advance all comments appreciated.


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If you only know him from social media, I would not send him any money if I were you. A Turkish man would be highly unlikely to ask his girlfriend for money for such a thing, even if the story is true. But, it is common in various "love scams" where a man develops a romance with a foreign woman online, then later says he is in some terrible situation and needs money. This is VERY common.

I have never heard of any system where a soldier has to pay for time off. The very idea makes no sense. Leave is already included in a solder's compensation package. Besides, 3,000 TL is VERY little money for something like that. An entire month's leave for 3,000 TL? That doesn't sound right at all.

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I think it depends where you are based & at what level ranking wise as to mobile phone usage..my now husband had access to his mobile (old style one at the time) although officially it was forbidden initially in his 1st 3 wk training. After being transfered to his FT post he used it...often..or we probably wouldnt be together now!
I wouldnt encourage helping to pay for anything for him in Turkey at this stage ...let him do his miltary service & if your relationship survives throughout then you know you are meant to be together ;-) having said that my phone bill was huge over 6m so i cant imagine a 12m phone bill but tarifs and the like have changed a fair bit now!!

Good luck ;-)

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