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Bodrum Transfer Recommendation

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Bodrumu yaşıyorum ben arkadaşlar güzel yer açıkçası gezilcek yeride bol. Biz izmir havalimanından taksi çevirip gitcektik 4 kişi adam 1300 lira para çekti bize. Bir tane araç geçti önümüzden bodrum vip transfer yazıyordu seslendik durdu. abi dedim kaça gidersin bodruma 1000 lira dedi. Bodrum transfer diye arattım googlede reklam gibi olucak ama www.bodrumtransferonline.com diye bir siteye girdim aradım adamları. 800 lira dediler. Onlarla gittik. Valla taksi daha pahalı arkadaşlar. On numara klimalı vip mercedes vito ile gittik. Kesinlikle tavsiye ederim :)

I've been to Bodrum for a couple of nice places, frankly, with friends. We had to turn a taxi from izmir airport and 4 people would attract us 1300 pounds of money. One of the vehicles passed ahead of us was writing the transfer of the vip in the basement stopped calling. my brother said how many would go to the basement said 1000 pounds. Bodrum transfer I've called googlede will be like advertising, but I entered a site called www.bodrumtransferonline.com I called here. They said 800 pounds. We went with them. Valla taxi is more expensive friends. We went on the phone with vip mercedes vito. Would definitely recommend




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