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Telephone and Mobile Phone Re-registration in Turkey

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This message is sent by vodafone:

As required by the legal regulation which is mandatory for all operators, you should transmit your Foreign Identification Number which is starting with 99 to us to continue using your line. Otherwise your line will be closed to make calls, send messages and access to Internet as of May 2nd. You can share your identity number via the link as free of charge: http://vftr.co/yabonelerin B003


It wanTed my name and number and foreign identity number. I fill the form and submit. Then I thought maybe it is not secure:(

Of course It just requires identity number and tel number and name no bank or other info. 

Could anybody use these info to go to bank account? Could anybody do anything with just those info?

What should I do?

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I've also been hearing this from various expats, that the mobile phone companies are asking foreigners to re-register their mobile phones. No explanation is being given. I haven't received any message like that from Turkcell. If you want to be sure about it, you could just go to a Vodafone shop and ask them.

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It appears that the Turkish Telecommunications Authority are having an update of all Internet & mobile phone details for all foreigners. ALL foreigners with a contract with these companies must re-register so the system can be updated.

Other providers of home internet/phone & mobile phone will follow suit over the next few days, so keep an eye out for a text message from your Turkish home internet & mobile phone service providers.


This morning i went to my area Turk Telecom office and re-registered my account for home internet & phone.
The documents required are:

  • Passport
  • Residence Permit
  • Customer (Abone) number

I wrote my name & signed a new form of registration & that's it all done.

Also regarding Turk Telecom & the text many subscribers received. The date of 2nd May to re-register by is just a ''hurry up'' date so you don't drag your heels. As with many Turkish Citizens, if they don't give a date & also threaten restrictions to their service, then many TC's would probably not bother or forget to do this. So as long as it's within May /early June there should be no problems.


Just fill in the form from the link given in the mobile phone text message sent.


Are the latest to send messages (my wife received hers this morning). Again stating that re registration is required.

Passport & Residence Permit needing to be shown by 2nd May 2019. This can be done either by calling into a MAIN Turkcell phone shop or via the "Digital Operator" via the link shown in the text.

Now Turkcell actually states in their text that if you do not have a Foreign National Identification Number (99****) your sim will effectively be closed, allowing for just emergency calls.

Again, as with Turk Telecom giving this date may be for the same reason stated above, but you definitely have to have a Yabanci Kimlik Number to keep your sim open. It appears that anyone who originally bought a sim solely with their passport & no Residence Permit, may lose their sim & phone number, unless a Yabanci Kimlik Number (99****) can now be shown.

The Digital Operator link given in the all texts seems to be causing problems for many folks ,so it's suggested that you simply go into your local service providers shop or office and complete the re registration there.

I see by scrolling around some expat pages that some main service provider phone shops are trying to charge for this service. Please be aware THIS SERVICE IS OFFICIALLY FREE.

Always use the service providers MAIN shop or area office.

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The problem I have is that:

I did not register my phone from 3 months starting from the time I came Turkey. Therefore, I just use it as one-line. I m ean just get sms and call. Cannot call and send.
Now, this message means my cell number completely will be inactive? I hope not!

Also, for turktelekom HOME INTERNET could I just use nearby shopping center? do they all know about it?


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It's nothing to do with the handset, registered or not, this is in relation to the sim card. So if it's a Turkish one & was registered by a foreigner, then you must re-register yourself with the service provider of the sim card.

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Ohhh I see

I did not register my phone and don't want to register. I have another phone bought inside Turkey.

So It is about sim and nothing to do with cellphone registration that should be done 3 months from the time we come Turkey

It is free right?

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