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First Time Residence Permit Interview (Alanya)

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Hi everyone, 

So my partner and I went to our interview today in Alanya and thought of sharing with you our experience, which comes to prove that it's a bit of a lottery, really. I'm british and my partner's Italian and we are going to purchase a home here in Alanya but had not yet finalised the purchasing process yet. We have been here for almost 70 days within our 90 days allowed so we were anxious to get this done.

We opened an account here and transferred money in anticipation of being asked of proof of income and ahead of our home purchase. As we are buying a place, we decided to rent an apartment first for a short period (4 months) while the tapu (property title deed) is hopefully ready. So armed with all the docs requested and documentation needed we headed to our appointment this morning. 

At the Alanya Immigration office,  we were greeted by the receptionist that checked  the docs and asked my Italian partner to go and pay an "extra fee" for being Italian at the tax office (another 527 lira we didn't know we needed to pay) and come back... I was asked to stay and go to the waiting room while my partner was out getting this done. We had booked the appointment together so was hoping it would be done together but nope.... 

I was taken to an agent that processed my request (1 year) with no issues. Did not ask for any supporting documentation even though i had it all with me. He was a rather pleasant chap.

My partner, however, was taken to different agent the experience was the complete opposite. His agent was rispid, questioned his motives, history and all sorts of questions before giving him only 4 months because his rental contract was only for four months! (The contract started a month ago so basically 3 months from today). It comes to show that it's a bit of a lottery although its good to warn people about the rental contract "hiccup".

Basically my partner will have to wait for the card to arrive only to re-apply for the extension as soon as he receives it, as we hopefully will have a tapu then. Has anyone else had this kind of experience? What if his card doesn't arrive before his permit lapse? When we have the tapu ready in both our names, is it a straight forward process to renew the permits? 

Thanks, guys.

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That is an interesting story to say the least! I wonder what the underlying reasons were in your different treatment. I mean, was there something different between the two of you besides your being from the UK and him being from Italy? I'm baffled.


What if his card doesn't arrive before his permit lapse?

I live in Antalya, so I am assuming the processing time will be the same. I applied for my extension on 30 January 2019. When renewing, you can do it by mailing in your documents, but I must have entered some wrong number into the online system because it forced me to set up an appointment. So I did.

My appointment was on 4 February 2019.

I received my residence permit card on 15 March 2019.

So that's a 39-day wait between the appointment and the receipt of my residence permit card by mail. So your partner should receive his well before the apartment lease expires.


When we have the tapu (property title deed) ready in both our names, is it a straight forward process to renew the permits? 

Yes. And if your partner's name is on the tapu (property title deed), he should have no problems getting a longer residence permit.

I talked to an immigration specialist about this a short time ago. She was saying that if a person comes to Turkey on a visa and stays in a hotel, or in other short-term accommodations while looking for a property to buy, they can get a one-year residence permit even though the norm is to only issue it for the duration of stay in the hotel (like in your partner's case he could only get one for the duration of the apartment contract). Then later, the foreigner can report the new address to the DGMM after they get the tapu, already having a one-year residence permit.

For some reason, they extended that courtesy to you, but not to your partner. I am wondering what that reason might be.

In any case, congratulations on a successful interview. Sorry to hear about your partner's situation, but it looks like a situation which can be fixed after some hassle. Good luck on finding the perfect place to buy!

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Hi Ken, thank you so much for the reply and congrats on your successful renewal. I can't see a reason either of why the disparity between the applications we submitted. In any case it is not that much of a big deal as we can renew it again when we have the tapu (property title deed) in place. We were seen by different agents, maybe one of them was having an off day or wanted to be too pc, who knows.... lol.... In any case just comes to show that it's all that even if you're prepared, it's still a box of surprises with bureaucrats. 

Thanks again for your advice and such prompt reply. All the best.

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