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Business debt

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My fiancé owes money but can’t pay because his bank account has been frozen until he shows up in person and the bank is in the United States.

He has been arrested multiple times , beat up and has been in the hospital.

He is now homeless and working as a waiter at a cafe to be able to eat.

He has had flight tickets to leave but every time he tries he is detained because the business he owes his debt to keep changing their mind and one day says he can leave and the next he is in jail.

What do I do??? Is there anything???

Thank you,


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Yes he is in Turkey!!!! In Istanbul!!

i am sure he will meet up with you, he works at a cafe there now.

His name is John Maur.

We have Skyped ... we’ve been talking for a year daily.

i live in the United States, in Oregon .

He works at The Ahmet Cafe in the Agva area.

His phone number is 206 929 5815

i do have a copy of his passport if you would like me to look for it ??

Thank you so much for anything you can do! I pray it’s not a scam... I will be devastated!!!


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Hello again!!!

John was at the Pasakapisi Prison.

I also may be able to find a copy of the hospital he was at after his accident on the way to the airport... it says the date and time and where it happened. It also gives the name of the doctor and the procedures to be done.

Thank you again,


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A copy of a passport means nothing. It just means you have a copy of a passport which says it belongs to somebody named John Maur. If he is the one sending you documents there is no way to tell if they are real or not. Such documents can be created or modified easily.

My advice is, don't send any money. If it is a scam, he is going to ask you to send him money. If you don't send it, he will use emotional pressure to get you to send it, make you feel terrible if you don't. That is usually what happens. Then again, it could all be true. There is now way you or I can know.

The best advice I can give is, don't get engaged to anyone you haven't gotten to know, in person, on a regular basis, for at least a year. If you do, there is no way to know what you are getting in to, as is the case here.

So there really isn't much I can say here... you can find out if what he is saying is true if you contact a lawyer and have them look in to it. They can check things independently and find out if he was really in an accident, if he was really arrested, etc... that would be the only way you could find out for sure. But even if it is all true, it still doesn't mean you are not being played. I hope things turn out all right for you. And of course everything here is just my opinion, and it should be taken as just that.

If you do want to hire a lawyer to look in to this for you, you can find one here:


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