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Freedom of speech in Turkey TPC. ARTICLE 134 ??

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I want to know if it is illegal criminally to post someones picture and write about them in social medial and other online places.

A Turkish man destroyed my life and did a lot of very bad things and is trying to use foreign women to get visas as he is very poor has alot of debt.

I found out he is also writing other foreigners to try to befriend them to try to get Money.

I posted his picture and wrote about what he did to me to warn others.

He went to police and made a complaint and after 3 hours I was told that it was illegal in Turkey to post someones picture and write about them??? I asked for the law to support this and was given TPC. ARTICLE 134. I know he gave it to the police. 

The police basically forced me to remove it and didn't seem to care about what he had done, most recently telling me to go to Istanbul, promising to be waiting at the airport, have an apartment ready then not showing up and leaving me in the street  in the middle of the might with no place to sleep and I had to foot a huge hotel bill. Prior to that he was trying to get a fiance visa and money for his debt.

Are there any lawyers who could clarify??

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Apparently no lawyers have been able to reply, so I called one. According to her, Turkey has such strict insult laws that it is illegal to insult someone, even if what you are saying is true, if you can't prove what you are saying. And if you can prove what you are saying, it needs to be done in a court of law, and only in a court of law. So if he has done anything illegal, you can go to the police and report him. If he has not done anything illegal per se, but has unjustly gotten money from you, you can sue him in civil court.

There have been cases where a foreign woman has posted such information about a Turkish man taking advantage of her, and the Turkish man didn't take the foreign woman to court over it. In these cases it is probably because the man was unaware of what is being said, or there actually was proof that he did what has been alleged, so taking the woman to court for insult would result in his losing the case, and his activities being made a matter of public record from the court documents.

If you do post such information about someone on the internet, they have every right to report you to the prosecutor or sue you... that doesn't mean the prosecution will be successful or the complainant will win the lawsuit, but they can still report you to the prosecutor or open a lawsuit against you. So you are kind of on dangerous ground if you simply post derogatory information about someone online instead of taking them to court, where such allegations should be made.

This is what I learned from a previous case:

If the man has done anything like take money from you, borrow money and not pay it back, lie about needing money and getting money from you that way, that is illegal also. You can take him to court, and even get your money back, if you have proof that you gave it to him (like proof of a bank transfer). However...

Some time ago I helped a foreign woman who had been defrauded by a Turkish man. In this case it was the usual love scam. I referred her to a lawyer and she provided to the lawyer proof of money transfers to the man based on various things which were later determined to be lies. She won the case. But collecting the money was near impossible.

The court put a demand on the man's employer to pay back the money to the woman, from any future salary. So the man quit his job, then started working "off the books" somewhere else. Besides that, apparently the court can only take a percentage of the money at a time, and the man actually made a very low salary, so what the woman would have gotten back would have taken a long time to actually receive.

That's not to mention any lawyer fees you might have to pay.

So, if you have proof that you have given the man money based on a lie he told you, you probably have a case. But you would need to see a lawyer, and the man you will be taking to court will need to have assets or money that you can take from to get the money back.

Please understand I am not a lawyer and this is not intended as legal advice, but this is what I understand from my conversations with lawyers and my previous experience helping someone get their money back from a love rat.

I hope it helps.

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