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Are Turkish men okay with Long distance relationship?

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Hello Everyone! I have been reading stories in this forum for tow days now. I have learned a lot about Turkish men and how to date them. Honestly, I am a bit concern. I have been chatting with a Turkish man for over a week now, I am a student and he has his own shop so most of the times he is busy, and I understand it. However, at first even though he is busy he still manages to message me and even make some video call, but now he says he is busy and don't reply anymore. We had an argument last day but we already fixed it, and now he always say that he loves me. I admit, I also like him because he's really good and sweet. But now, I don't know if he's losing interest or he is just so busy. I want to ask if Turkish men are workaholic and how should I approach him, if I would like to ask him if he is serious with me. Or I am just paranoid and demanding for his time because he used to message a lot before? Can someone give me an advice. Thank you. :)

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Personally, I don't think it is possible to have a "relationship" on the internet. You have to have personal contact with the other person. And before any commitments are made, you have to know each other for some time. You should base your conclusions on people based on what they do, not on what they say, and this is not possible over the internet. For that reason, "love scams" over the internet are very common. I'm certainly not saying that this is going on here, but the internet certainly creates an environment for it. There are a lot of cultural and personal issues involved in a relationship between people from different cultures. It is not possible to know exactly what these are just by communicating on the internet. So I wouldn't take this "relationship" too seriously. Be ready to walk away, and don't create a lot of expectations on your part, or on his.

You should let your brain take the lead, not your heart. Think logically, not emotionally. There are many dating sites where you can find, then meet someone who has similar interests and values, and spend time with them to see if there is any chemistry there, or if they inspire any feelings for you. And you can see what they are really like instead of what they think they are like, or what they say they are like. Even in person-to-person relationships people put on their best face, which means they display, or exaggerate, their  positive attributes, and do or say what they think you want to see. And they hide those things that they don't want you to see. Only later in a relationship, after seeing what they do, and not what they say or show you, can you really get to know the person. On the internet, this is going to occur even more.

My concern with internet relationships has also been creating a lot of high hopes before you actually meet the person. It is better just to be friends and correspondents, and that is all. Then when (if) you meet, you can take it from there. If you create a lot of high hopes before you even meet a person, then when you meet, if it doesn't click, then your,  your friends, or both of your hopes, fall from an even greater height. And because you have created a lot of feelings for the person beforehand, you might tend to overlook things that would normally be "red flags" telling you they are not the right person for you. Not to mention that you may have wasted a lot of time that would have been better spent finding the right person for you, in the traditional way, under more realistic circumstances.

Of course you need to decide for yourself, but that is my opinion.

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