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Immigration Office Gave Me the Barcode to Track My Residence Permit Delivery But There Was No Record of It at the PTT

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I went to Goc Idaresi (immigration office) in Ankara today inquiring on the status to a mistake made on my kimlik (identity) card that I received back on 13 Dec 2018, which I turned it in for correction. Since it's been more than 5 weeks, I inquired today. The officer pulled up my record and then gave me a PTT barcode. I went to check at my local PTT after, but I was informed that no package has come in yet with that barcode. I also checked on gonderitakip.ptt.gov.tr to track the package but no details are showing. Could you help understand this situation? Does this mean soon I'll receive a text on my phone? I'm confused how is that I was given a barcode when the PTT doesn't seem to have the package?

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That is strange. The normal procedure is for them to approve it, then send it by PTT registered mail. It is then the barcode is created. So the best thing to do wiuld be to go to the DGMM to find out what's going on. Good luck with it, I hope you get it sorted out.

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