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:Mexico:Hello listeners. First of all sorry for having a bunch of topics/doubts/ questions. I think I already feel better by opening my brain and feelings in an international group with the turkish common bond. Sometimes family and friends cannot help with advices even if they try. I am divorced of a turkish man (I'm mexican) and we have a beautiful teen ager daughter. I asked to divorce as soon as I knew how things worked for him. Problems= I will commit suicide, he could cry madly for whatever reason and laugh 10 min later. He could promise something and change his mind next week, inform his family about our private life...etc I felt guilty for not seeing all of this in our 5 years relation before marriage. Divorce was a nightmare, of course. Loosing everything; time, money, energy, professional years, hopes...I divorced and he kept everything. He almost as a joke accepted to pay a small amount (for" milk" he said) even if he had many properties (which he did not have when we met)so I left him with "his money" and I thought; " I was a fair woman and mother" but then I saw he did not see it as if I was good but a fool. The first two years he did not pay even that miserable amount and this is my first subject in this group. I am so tired of him and his brain and sarcastic smile. I do not care if it is 1 dollar he has to pay but I want that this man understands that the dollar is his duty. I very well remember our divorce day; he said "the baby only needs milk and pampers" and the baby is grown up now. He continues not wanting to pay anything because he thinks nobody forces him to pay, because I am a fool and because he wants his daughter "begs" him. So I want to start that tiresome paperwork with the United Nations Child's Care.I want him to get a letter in his door saying "Mr X one dollar is nothing it will not pay your daughter's living but anyhow you have to pay it not because the mother wants but because it is your daughter's right". Oh he lost his factory and some houses  but he never had the struggles I had to start from 0 with a little baby.

Well I do not have 100% his address  but I will get it sooner or later in order to start an official complain. It is also a terrible thing I need his permission to get a passport for my daughter. She wants to have a school trip but he does not reply. 

I remember I have a question for people here. He opened 3 saving accounts. He recently took the money from our daughter's and of course, he did not give it to her. He also wants to take mine, can he? Is there something I can do from my country?



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As I understand Turkish divorce law, depending on whatever legal choice you made when you got married, any property acquired while you were married is half yours.

Regarding the bank accounts, if he is a joint owner of the account than he can take all of the money out of it any time he wants. I would suggest you contact a lawyer about this. They will be able to look into the situation in Turkey and see what legal rights you have. It sounds to me like he is in the wrong and you are entitled to your share of things, but only a lawyer could tell you that for sure.

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