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What Can I Do Regarding a Lost Property Title Deed (Tapu)?

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There would be a record of the address in the tapu (property title deed) office or the land registry office. As I understand it they could create a new tapu (property title deed) for the property, then with the POA you could sell it. Ask the notary about getting an apostille for the POA also. The apostille will make the POA legal in Turkey. Once you bring it to Turkey you "may" need to get a  notarized translation of the POA and apostille, but check with the land registry or tapu office first. If you need one you could get it in a day or less.

Make sure the POA also gives you permission to access records at the land registry office and the tapu office and to receive a copy of the tapu.

I am not a Turkish lawyer, I must add... I believe the above is correct but if you run into any difficulties you should contact a Turkish lawyer.

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