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Best IELTS Preparation Course in Antalya

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You don't need a teacher for ielts, just go to their website, get to know what activities are in the exam and do the sample questions on the website.



If you want more practice questions there are plenty for sale online. That is a much more cost-effective way to take ielts.

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Hi Raven! I saw your question about IELTS preparation course. I m a Turkish girl. On the other hand ı could give some advice and my experiences in Antalya.  I went to Artı (Plus) Language school on Isıklar street many years ago. I advise that a teacher. His name  is Fatih Şen. He is the best english teacher in Antalya. You should meet him about your target. I had some experience with the other language courses when ı tried to move to Canada as a physiotherapist. My life changed. I will not go there. Anyways, you could prepare the IELTS exam yourself or with private lessons from this teacher. Hope that this answer is not late :-) Goodluck. (Baron's IELTS Book, Collins IELTS book is good, too)

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