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Unlocking a Locked Phone after 120 Days

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Hey ken I was wondering if you could help, I came to turkey in 2017, I registered my first phone then, but now that I got a second phone, I know i cannot resgister the new phone until two years. well, this is now. but unfortunately, my new phone got locked cause i missed the 120 days time period. my question is, can I still register it now even after it has been locked, for am I stuck with a locked phone for ever? @Ken Grubb

thank you for your time.

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I read somewhere that it was impossible to register a phone in such a case. But you should ask about this. Go to your local mobile phone company's shop. Ask them where the shop is where they do mobile phone registrations (not all of them do it). Then go to that shop and ask them what you can do. The reason I say to go to the shop where they actually do the registrations is because if you ask someone who is not in one of those places, they may just give you an answer off the top of their head, which might be wrong.

When you find out, would you please update this topic and let us know what you learned?

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Having done this with my own phone it is quite a straight forward procedure by Turkish standards. First of all save your phone numbers from your phone by downloading them to your PC.

You can transfer the numbers to your phone memory and then to your Turkish sim card though if you find this is easier.

You need to find the IMEI number which identifies your phone. Normally you can do this by typing *#06# which will then display the IMEI number. Also it is sometimes displayed on the reverse of the phone battery cover or behind the battery in your phone. This IMEI number is what actually identifies your phone if it ever gets stolen or lost. It enables the service provider to block or disable your phone making it useless for anyone else which is why phone theft in Turkey is rare. Something other countries could learn if they adopted this system actually. Bingo - no more phone theft!

Now you will need to go to your local tax office ( Vergi Dairesi ). Take your phone and the IMEI number and your passport and residency permit. You will need to register the phone there through a registration certificate. There is a cost for this ( not long ago it was around 200 TL ) You may also need to go to the police station for an entry and exit document ( no charge for that). 

Once you have done this you can go to your chosen network provider, pay the registration fee, purchase your Turkish sim card and they will check your passport, residency permit and complete the registration for another albeit smaller fee. 

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