Cars by Germany for sale

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Dear Managing Director,

We have received a business offer from the German Association of the Automotive Industry.

We have a possibility to buy the supplies of the German car (VW, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, etc.).
These cars are brand new, they stand with "0" Km at the manufacturer.
There is the possibility to sell these car packages with a
clearly discount only for export, except in EU countries.
The packages contain the cars mixed, from the middle category to the luxury. A package contains as well as VW Polo-s, as well as BMW X5, or Mercedes Maybach. The packages usually contain 300-600 pieces of cars.
Delivery by DB Cargo.

We are looking for partners for the purchase of these vehicles.

We are happy to serve your interests if you would like to develop a partnership with us for this business.

With friendly greetings:
with the mandate der macP s.r.o
und der G-Express

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