Entering with ID card and passport

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Hallo everyone, 

I have a question regarding to the tourist visa in Turkey. I am a German citizen and entered turkey in september with my idcard. I went out in the beginning of December, I stayed 70 days on my Idcard. 

Now, I came back last week and entered with my passport.

Theoretically I only have 20 days left. 

Will there be a connection between my ID card and passport? Or will it just have new 90 days on my passport? 

Would be nice if anyone would have an idea about it. 

Thank you

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It would depend on what the rules are for your ID card, but I suspect they are the same as for the visa, since you are from an EU country. You cannot exceed 90 days in Turkey in a 180-day period, counting back from today or whatever day you are in. These days do not "renew" by getting a new visa. The only way you can stay longer is by getting a residence permit, even if it is just for a few months.

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