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Buying furniture in/around Gebze

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Hello All,

It's my first post and I apologise in advance for the questions. I'm moving to Gebze for a year in a few weeks and spent the last 4 days visiting apartments and getting to know the town. Aside from the hotel and the real estate agent, we couldn't find anyone in restaurants, mall, services etc. who spoke English :( I've scoured this forum and as far as I can see there is (almost) no one from the Koaceli area but I'm going to try asking my questions here anyway!

As I will be moving only for a year I do not want to spend a lot on furniture so I was wondering if anyone knew of companies that rented furniture in Turkey! Alternatively  are there good second hand furniture/white goods shops that deliver to Gebze? Any hints would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks in advance!

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For secondhand furniture, find a "spot shop." That's what they call it in Turkish. Often they are in the same area. If you can find them, they have lots of secondhand furniture, and I am sure they would be happy to deliver it, for free or for a small fee. Be sure to bargain the price down. The first price will always be too high. :)


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