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Hi, need some advise, Planning to apply for a one year short term touristic residence permit ,  currently I’m on 6months 90 days visa and my last 90 day run out on 25 January 2019, My question is when its best time to apply on line for the permit? And what date shall I start health insurance? I was told it take around three weeks for appointment date in Bodrum. For example to be in safe side shall I apply online for the permit 3 weeks or 3 days before my 90 day run out?! The reason for that is not lose weeks or days on my one year permit due to appointment waiting time and insurance valid date. One more question do i need the insurance valid when applying for the permit on line?

I have contacted several insurance companies to request Health insurance with 60 days in advance but non of the companies i have contacted do it.

Thank you in advance,,

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Hi kking, you can make your online application anytime within 60 days of when you wish the RP to start from.

Your private health cover should be dated to start the day after the start date of your RP.

Appointment dates are automatic now,you don't have a choice,it will be given to you at the end of the online application. Yes here in Bodrum it is a 2-3 weeks wait.

The start date of your RP must be before your 90th day here  & with the current I.T. problems with the  online application site i suggest you start your application within the next week,as you may have to keep trying to fully complete & submit the application.

No insurance company will forward date the start date of a policy more than 30 days.

So in your case decide to have your RP start on the 24th Jan. organise your health cover to start on the 25th, get your policy in your hand asap then you can make your RP application.[ you'll need your policy details to fill in the health cover section in the online application form].

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