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Hi, it's me again!:D I have another question to ask, please. Thanks in advance. I have at least 2 computer monitors, clothes, makeup, hair products, and books. I think that's it. 

I read in the import forum that it is a cacophony of paperwork, :crying:drama and if I'm not mistaken, (whispers: bribery)  to get your stuff sorted. Can anyone give me a 2018-19 update, please? I don't want to leave my books behind. Thanks!:violin:

PS: is it true that imported makeup is banned, or is it just the ones with a bad chemical?:shock:

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It would depend on how much there is. Computer monitors can be mailed, but check the prices. It might be more worthwhile to sell them where you are and buy new ones here. Go to www.hepsiburada.com, they have a huge variety in computer monitors. And they deliver to your home. A computer is "bilgisayar" and a monitor is either "monitor", "monitör," or "ekran." You can compare the prices for what you want against the mailing cost and see what is cheaper. Since monitors are electronic devices, customs may charge you fees for them as well.

Books are of course heavy, so it depends on how many you have. First get a rough weight of them and check with your postal system on the cost of shipping. Postal services also have websites where you can evaluate the cost of mailing them. If you go for the slowest option it would be cheapest for such heavy items.

For all of these things you should also check the cost of extra baggage while traveling by air. It might be cheaper than mailing them... just bring them in an extra piece of luggage and pay the excess baggage fee. I once had a lot of books and heavier items. I sent them by mail from the US to Turkey, and they arrived just fine. I also checked the cost of extra baggage with the airline and found the price to be roughly the same, but you need to check for yourself. I ended up using both methods, and brought the more important stuff by paying for additional baggage.

If you have anything important, like important documents, take them with you in your carry-on baggage.

Clothes aren't all that heavy, but again it depends on how much you have of course.

It all boils down to how much weight everything is, and what the prices are for each method of transporting it.

Makeup and hair products you can just take with you, mail, or buy when you get here. I have not heard of any prohibitions on makeup.

Forget about bribing anybody, it used to be that way but it isn't any more... however there are still some instances of it from time to time.

If you have a lot of stuff, you can contact an international moving company, also there are some companies which sell excess container space on ships. So, like, if one person or a company has a partially-filled shipping container, you can buy and use the empty space. That would mean it coming by ship, which will take a while. A shipping company would be able to tell you the shipping and customs fees.

I tried to find the customs page which used to list all of the items for which there were rules and restrictions, but they seem to have moved everything around between websites. I did some additional searching and found this... which I think might be the best source of information on customs and importing various goods:


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