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Turkish Pensions for Foreign Employees

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Note: This topic has been split off from another topic. In the original topic, a member posted about Turkish pensions which was a different topic from the one being discussed. Unfortunately they removed their original post, so the replies seem to start out of nowhere. But it is a good subject and worth its own topic.

The starting post had to do with whether foreigners could receive a pension in Turkey, after working for a Turkish employer.

The conversation begins there.

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I'm surprised at this as I know some foreigners who are getting the pension. But I don't know whether they have citizenship. Legally speaking I don't see how they can refuse anyone who has made the necessary contributions. Do you know anyone who was refused on these grounds ibo? And can any of our legal eagles explain why?

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As far as I can see from various internet sources foreigners can receive sgk pensions.

For example:

They all say more or less this, that foreigners now have the same rights as Turkish citizens in this respect.

Sosyal güvenlik hakkından, yabancı çalışanların faydalanıp faydalanmayacağı konusunda bazen tereddüt yaşandığı görünüyor. Oysa ki hem Türk hem de yabancı çalışanlar için sosyal güvenlik hakkı anayasal bir hak olarak güvence altına alınmıştır. Bunun doğal sonucu olarak emeklilik açısından yabancı uyruklu kişilerin Türk uyruklulardan farkı olmadığından yeterli prim ödemesi varsa ve yaşı tamamlamışsa emekli olma hakkı olacaktır.

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Claiming your SGK retirement (emekli) money from the Turkish government.

This is only possible if you’ve held a Work permit & worked in Turkey for a minimum of 5,000 days
You must have formally retired from your position.

You must not have made previous arrangements to have your retirement payment made into a retirement fund/superannuation fund in your home country (you can only have done this if the Turkish government has a reciprocal agreement in your home country).

And, of course, you must have worked for an organisation that offered SGK benefits during the course of your employment.

Start the application process by visiting the SGK office closest to your last employment location. Have your Turkish employment history printed off,then be guided by the SGK staff as to the process in your area.

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I cannot speak to receiving a pension, but a foreigner who paid into SGK for any amount of time is eligible to claim a lump sum if 58 years old as a woman or 61 as a man. 9% of the salary is collected by the government while working and there is an amount added  based on inflation. Two attachments below. One is the form you complete and take to the SGK office nearest your last employment location to start the process of your payment. In 2 -3 months they will send a letter that you can pick up the money at a bank. You only need to complete 1, 2, and 5 and the signature,  email, mobile, and address at the bottom on the form.  If someone has worked many years, they would have the option of the annuity or the lump sum. 

The other attachment is a presentation on this subject.  

SGK-038 Turkey.docx Social Security_turkey.ppt

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