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International School in English

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Hello guys,

We are going to move to Antalya soon, my kid is 5 years old he is going to be 6 while we are in turkey he cant speek turkish , and i want to take your opinion about if i have to register him in a normal turkish school ( Save Money)  can he learn the language from the other kids and from the school ? Even if he failed at his first year but at least he learned a language.




register him in an international school that speeks only english ? ( which i have to pay a lot of money) ! 

And please suggest international school with its fees.

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There aren't any English-medium schools in Antalya. Private schools have a large number of English lessons (12 or more) but all the other lessons are taught in Turkish.

Your child is young enough to learn Turkish really well, whichever school they attend.

State schools can be quite a tough prospect depending on the area.

Your child will encounter prejudice, coping has a lot to do with personality, reactions will vary a lot from great warmth and friendliness to hostitlity. Private schools may be more capable (but maybe not more willing) to deal with that.

In my opinion none of the private schools in Antalya offer value for money.

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