Leaving the country in the application process

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I've slot to write about my experience in Istanbul trying to get the short term residence permit. I have managed to submit yesterday after a wild goose chase.

I'm trying to get a muracaat to leave the country for Christmas however I have to wait for my reply from Turkey. Or come back in 10 days (unknown response)

I got told that I could leave and pay a fine at the airport and get a conditional letter to enter the country again, maybe having to redo my application process .. I'm bot sure.

Has anyone got any experience or information about this, how much the fee and can I enter again even though my visa has run out but in the process of STR??

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If you were here on a [e]visa when applying for an RP and your 30 or 90 days has expired & you wish to travel outside of Turkey before your interview , on exit at the airport  pay the fine for overstaying beyond the 90 days.The Polis at passport control will take you to one side to an office to sort out the paperwork & fine [cash only! ]. Keep the receipt with you for when you return. 
Make sure you allow around at least an extra 45 mins .If you miss your flight ,it's your responsibility to book and pay for another.

YOU CANNOT RETURN WITH AN [E]VISA UNLESS YOU’VE STAYED OUT FOR 90 DAYS.As per the 90/180 day visa laws in Turkey.
So upon returning to Turkey at passport control show your RP application paper & bank payment receipts and the overstay payment receipt from when you left . Then ask for & sign the conditional entry form (SARTLI GIRIS) which they will give you, which is a form you sign stating you will apply for an RP within 10 days [although you have already made your application]..This is just a ‘workaround’ way of re entering .

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