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Moving to Turkey from USA

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I think I am just going to ship a couple of boxes of clothes and bring 2 suitcases.  I will sell the rest here and buy new in Izmir.  I am not getting good feedback from people in the States about moving to Turkey.  They tell me to stay here because it is safer.  I would rather live there and be happy the rest of my life than pay the prices here and not be happy.  His mother is the one who invited me to live with them first.  He is the one who suggested marriage.  I am seriously thinking about it.  I pay $1250 a month here for a 2 bedroom apt. and he and his mom pay 250 a month for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath 2 blocks from the sea.  So what's to think about????

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On 02.12.2018 at 23:33, BeckyEde yazdı:

Are there many difficulties moving furniture from the USA to Izmir Turkey?  I don't have much, but I do have things that will not fit in a suitcase.

Hi BeckyEde,

As MCS Logistics,we are member of this site and we do import/export shipments of household goods & personal effects to/from Turkey by land,sea and air to all over the world.

You can easly find out the company details from our profile.

Also we are member of several reputable international mover association like IAM,PAIMA,AMSA etc. ıf you contact us for your moving we'll be happy to help you with all the process

Have a nice day

Best regards

Mcs Lojistik


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