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Moving to Guzelbahce In May 2019 to Marry a Turk

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I don't know these people but I don't like them and I suspect that Becky had to pay for many other things while she was there. Sorry for being blunt, but I suspect that the son wanted to marry you hoping to get his greasy hands  on your pension. I have heard so many crazy schemes of men trying to get money that nothing would surprise me. As for Becky's dreams being shattered, I don't think they are cause she will not end up going. She will have other and better dreams instead. They would only have been shattered had she carried them out.

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So Mimi, you hit the nail on the head.  I won't tell you how much money I have given these people, (thousands).  I will tell you this.  A guy from work texted me this evening and asked me out and told me that he is excited to see me tomorrow.  This wouldn't have happened if I had decided to leave and go to Turkey.  Things happen for a reason and I am so glad I listened to you and the others and came to my senses in time.  I am going to be ok.  My dreams are not shattered - maybe they are just beginning.  Thanks for your understanding and support.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!  (and they will be)

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