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An Ongoing Experience with the Residence Permit Extension Process in Istanbul

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My partner delivered her documents by appointment exactly 90 days ago (16 August 2018) to Istanbul, Pendik office but she hasn't received any SMS or email so far. Also, the Goc Idarasi (Immigration Office) didn't give her the paper which usually they hand out after receiving the application. She went there a month ago again to find out about her result but they told her to wait 90 days. she made numerous calls to 157 and every time they told her to wait 90 days. 

Finally, today She called them and the first representative gave her a tracking number which made us excited but later found that it was for her old residency.

She called again and submitted an inquiry with the second representative which apparently she should receive a reply within 10 days.

Our first guess is that her application hasn't been entered into the system yet. (the day that she handed out the application, the officer took the application folders in bulk. because it was absolute madness).

When I try to track the application online, it doesn't show the usual "under assessment message".(see attached)

I read a couple of other experiences from other people on Facebook and they are in the same situation. they paid a visit to Fatih office but they have been told to wait. 

I wonder if there is anything that we can do at this point? it has been very frustrating and it sucks being in a limbo.  

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Here is the latest update about the situation:

We couldn't sit down at home and wait for 157 to call back about our inquiry so we went directly to the Fatih branch in Istanbul (although the appointment was in Pendik) to get the latest status on my partner's case. 

The first desk that we visited was the information desk on the ground floor. The person in charge took my partner's passport and after spending a few minutes with his computer he handed over a note on a paper and told us that her information isn't registered and we should visit "Z Odasi" on the second floor and they will help us. We went to "Z Odasi" and handed the note to one of the employees and she told us to wait. I could see several piles of pink folders in the room. After about 3-4 mins they told us that a document is missing in her application and we need to visit "KDB Odasi" which is on the same floor.

We were very furious at this moment because back in Jul-Aug my partner had an intense four weeks to collect every damn document that the officer asked. she spent around 1500 TL  just for the missing documents. even had a mental breakdown over this @*&^& missing documents and still, there was something missing. 

Anyways, we went to KDB Odasi and waited in the lounge to be called. Finally, after 20mins waiting, we went to another room which around 5-6 immigration officers were working on applications that apparently had missing documents.

The officer took my partner's passport and pulled out her records on his computer. After a few seconds, he went to a room and brought a pink folder with himself! His face was shocked when he was going through the papers. (probably because of the amount of the papers!). he also asked me some questions about my legal status. After spending a few minutes with the papers he turned his head and said that a copy of her passport is missing and he copied it himself and that was it! 

We were so angry but relieved when he stamped the application! he told us that we need to wait for an SMS about the outcome and my partner can pick up the temporary residence permit from the information desk when her application is entered into the system. 5 days have been past but still, she hasn't received any SMS or email. 

Here are some tips:
- As you already know the online portal is full of bugs and lacks some important communications with the applicants. don't rely on that.

- There are some reports on Facebook that people even after receiving their card, their e-ikamet account was showing "under assessment" message to them. 

- 157 wasn't useful in our case at all. while my partner's case had a missing document, 157 was telling us that her application was under assessment!

- if you are in the same situation, you cannot go through the above steps before 90 days after your appointment date.  

- Apparently, if you have a missing document, you receive an SMS on your mobile line but my girlfriend never received this text message. we believe this is because I used her email to create a new application instead of her number. 

Will keep you posted. 

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