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Apostille for Birth Certificate

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Hi everyone( Although I think it's only Ken that is here!:lol:)

I have a question about the apostille stamp on the kids birth certificates, does anyone know what that is, and whether Canadians need to apply for it?  I taught just a birth certificate would suffice, if anyone knows it would save me a trip to the embassy!  is it a must on the first meeting or would the agent request that as an additional document?

Thank you in advance.

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You need an apostille for all foreign documents. The apostille is a separate document which is attached to the other document. Or it can be a stamp. It certifies the origin of the document. It is the result of the Apostille Convention, where countries who are signatories agreed on a standard way to "legalize" their documents so they would be accepted in the other member countries.

Normally getting an apostille from a country which is part of the convention involves just sending the document to a designated "competent authority," and paying for the apostille. When they send it back it is legal in Turkey.

But I am looking at a list of counties which are signatories to the apostille convention, and I don't see Canada on the list. That would mean Canada has some other way of legalizing their documents in Turkey, like passing them through diplomatic channels.  So you would have to contact the Canadian embassy to find out what the procedure is.

After you get it legalized and returned to you, you also need to have a Turkish translation of it made by a sworn translator. Then your document will be "good to go."

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