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Hello, my husband try to make apostille to his son who born to kktc (nothern cyprus) his mum(ex wife) she is Moldovian. Now in Moldova they need the child birth certificate with apostille on it. Soo to north cyprus they dont do it. How can we? thank you

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You're saying that the Moldovan government needs the birth certificate with an apostille from Northern Cyprus?

I am looking at the list of countries which are signatories on the Apostille Convention, here.

I don't see either Moldova or Northern Cyprus on the list, so they may not actually use the apostille. In that case, normally the document has to be sent through diplomatic channels, that is, the North Cypriot government would have to legalize it in a different way, then send it to the Moldovan government. Because both countries have not signed the Apostille Convention, they would have to have some other way to legalize and send documents. And there is no way I could know what that procedure is... you would have to contact someone in the foreign ministry of the Moldovan government and find out what to do.

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