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Enforcing spousal support/Legal Aid


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I need to find out how to have the terms of my divorce decree enforced.  My ex husband and I were married in the US but divorced through the Turkish Family Court system in 2015. I am specifically interested in knowing if there are resources available for expats who do not have financial means to hire a lawyer. I have resided in Turkey on a RP from 2010 to August of this year.  I was in the process of renewing my residence permit when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I had to leave immediately to care for her as she has no surviving family members living in her area. 

The problems that I am having with my ex husband are legion. He has made a right sh*t storm of his life and I am tired of living in the consequences of it. He is currently threatening me saying that if I don't come back soon he will not help me renew my resident permit when I do, telling me that I "will be on my own" whatever that means. He can't handle having our children full time is the crux of the issue. He is so used to having me there to take care of them while he's out living his life. Having problems renewing my resident permit is an ongoing problem. I am forced to commit a criminal offense every time I have had to renew it pretty much since we separated in 2012. 

I would also like to know the answer to a question that has been burning in my mind for the past few years. I have custody of both of our children, he has visitation. If I can not meet the financial requirement to obtain a resident permit on my own and my ex husband can not/doesn't want to. He says I am not his financial responsibility. Can I leave with our children? I am not interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship in the least. My ex husband has been a father of "convenience" for all intensive purposes. When it is convenient for him he spends time with the kids and when it's not he doesn't. Why do I have to commit a criminal offense in order to be with my children? Except for financially supporting them, I am the parent who has been with them constantly since birth. It just doesn't make sense to me.




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There is a legal aid programme by bar associations, if your fullfill  the criteria that proves you have no income, no goods, no property; than you can benefit from free legal aid services. For more info you need to consult the nearest bar association in your city in”Turkey”. 

Best Regards

Zelal Senguler 

Attorney at Law

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Thank you for your response. I certainly meet the criteria you listed above since my ex husband is not supporting me. I have no financial resources or income left in the US either since I have been living in Turkey since 2010. Do you know where I can find an English version of the Turkish Code and/or procedure for enforcing the terms of a divorce decree? Also I have read and have been told that as a foreigner holding only a resident permit I can not apply to the Turkish Bar Association. If I were to do so the next time I went to renew my resident permit I would be denied . I am apparently not entitled to use any social services as a resident permit holder. Do you know if this is true? If it is, do you know if it would be possible for me to apply to the bar association on behalf of my children since they are Turkish citizens? Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. 

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