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Residence Permit and Foreigner Identification Number

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I recently bought a property with my ex and i was given a number at the time, but did not take note of it. Would this be an "ikamet?" If I’m asked for my Turkish ID, would this be it? How would i go about locating it again. Is there a web site? Also, have property prices dropped in the area of Kuşadası since the drop of the lira or have they stayed the same? Or even gone up?

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You don't need an RP to purchase a property here & as you've never lived here it's unlikely you ever applied for one , but you do need a Tax number,so that's what you're thinking of.
If you have savings here your Turkish bank will have your tax number,........so will the tax office & they can find it for you if you show your passport.

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After spending ages hunting for a site that doesn't need you to log in via the new e-devlet system & need a Foreigners ID number,i eventually found this one to find your tax number,just by inserting your names & fathers name.
I cannot link directly to the page you need only the main page....

So click on the link below...then scroll down the page ..on the left under the spyglass click on  ' Diğer Sorgulamalar '

Next screen...the top line again... ' Vergi Kimlik Numarası Sorgulama '
The next screen is the one you need..fill in the boxes & click  'tamam'



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