Need advice on buying an apartment in Istanbul

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Hi all,

My mother is looking forward to permanently relocate to Turkey and I am therefore planning to buy a three-room apartment for her in Istanbul. My budget doesn't exceed $30,000-40,000 (about TL 190,000-245,000 at the time of this post). I found quite a few options at this price range on Sahibinden website and most of them are newly constructed buildings located in and around Avcilar area.

In fact there are advertisements for apartments with even lower prices with the same specs (3-rooms 2-toilets 1-kitchen) in the same area while some other areas are radically more expensive, which creates a confusion on why that is the case.

What are your thoughts about this area of Istanbul (around Avcilar area) and what should I expect with my price range and if it's not enough how much do you think is the right amount for a house with my my given specs? Otherwise, what specific things should I look for in a house to get a good deal overall?

Thanks in advance for the feedback :)

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Avcilar is about one and half hours from Zincirlikuyu (which is near lots of vibrant areas) and is a very Turkish district. Unless your mother is fluent in Turkish or already has a good social network in Istanbul she might feel isolated. Your budget for a 3 bedroom apartment is quite low unless you pick remote suburbs. The price difference could be down to the number of metres squared, the quality of the materials used, if the apartment is in a site which includes a gatehouse, parking, gym and pool and lots of other variables. If you do buy a new property make sure the iskan (habitation certificate) has already been issued, use you own lawyer (not one recommended by the real estate agent selling the house) and make sure to check the tapu (title deed) information against the seller's kimlik (ID card).

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