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Foreigner wanting to live in Turkey

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Hello everyone! I’m a Pakistani who has wanted to live in Turkey ever since the age of 15. Everything was planned but now I’m facing alot of problems, to start with, I’m just about to start my university and for that i want to move to Turkey, i have seen so many Turkish dramas/films that i can speak a little turkish and i am willing to learn more. I’m also fimiliar with the lifestyle. What draws me to Turkey are the people, the amazing friendly people and that’s i want to move there permanently. NOW where the problem lies is that i want to become a lawyer, along with Turkey that too is a dream of mine. Do you think i can study and then practice law in Turkey? Please help! Any tips you’d like to give me? Thanks! 

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You would need to study at a private University that teaches in English if you are to come to Turkey. this will obviously be expensive. as a first step I would research the universities that teach (probably International law) in English. Try Bilkent University in Ankara

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If you come on a Turkish student visa, you would first have to be accepted by a university in Turkey. So you would have to apply for that in Pakistan, then come on the student visa to study. I believe you are right, practicing law requires you to be a Turkish citizen. And as IbrahimAbi said, you have to have a minimum of five years living in Turkey before you can even apply, and there is still no guarantee they will grant you citizenship, unfortunately. Even coming here and getting a residence permit is very difficult these days, because of the huge numbers of foreigners coming to Turkey these days. I wish I had better news for you, but unfortunately that's the way things are.

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