Dating a turkish man

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Last year after a trip to hisaronu I had started talking to a turkish guy, we spoke every day a few times a day when I wasn't at work, we had agreed I'd travel to see him and all was great. After a while though my friend pointed out to me that he was controlling what I was allowed to do and soon after this I stopped talking to him, blocked him and got on with my life. 

However I thought about him every day and found myself looking at his profile just to see his face. I did some research on various forums and read a lot about women facing the same and it wxplained that its not so much control as wanting to know you are safe and keep you safe. So finally a year after all this I plucked up the courage to make contact. He responded pretty much right away and we discussed what had happened and have spoken every day since and it's like we never stopped talking. I have again agreed to travel to go and see him. I have a 9 year old daughter, he knows and they have spoken to but I'm concerned that we won't work out because I already have my daughter and his family may not accept this. 

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I don't, but from experience I can tell you that it is going to depend on the individual and the family rather than if they are Turkish or not. Attitudes towards these kinds of things vary widely from person to person and family to family. Could you just ask him this question directly?

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