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Putting a piano in an apartment.

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Is it allowed to put a piano in a rental apartment? I am a professional pianist and would like to move to Izmir. I usually practice a couple of hours a day between 10:00 and 19:00. Maybe I would like to have a few private students as well. Will I have to soundproof a room? 

Regards, Neil.  

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That would depend on your landlord and the apartment you're renting. I have never seen any apartment building rules prohibiting a piano, and there are no laws prohibiting pianos in apartments that I have ever heard of.

It would also depend on your neighbors, of course. In the cheaper apartments the walls can be pretty thin, but if you are living in a more upscale apartment it might be more "soundproof." You could always do a test with some recorded music at the same volume and ask the neighbors if they can hear it in the neighboring apartments, before you actually rent it.

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