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I am planning to purchase property in Turkey ( Istanbul ) and I have some concerns.

1- Will buying a house guarantee me obtaining a 1 year residence visa in Turkey and if so will it be renewable as long as I have the property ? is there a chance I may fail to obtain this residence permit ? ( all given that I have no criminal records and am in good health ).

2- What benefits do I again ( aside from the financial aspect ) of owning a flat in Turkey ?

3- Do I need my foreign ID to buy a flat ? 

4- What part of Istanbul is best for running errands and working.

5- Could renewing the visa lead to citizenship in Turkey and how long it may take ?




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Me i just purchased a flat in Istanbul but i regret because i was thinking to get 2 years residence permit and they state i will have only 1 year (Although a friend of mine got 2 years). Also at interview they treat people very rude and i really dislike it and i'm not sure i'll get every year a residence permit in Istanbul. My advice is to purchase outside Istanbul, the application for residence permit is faster and easer outside Istanbul

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they say mimimum 150.000 tl ( me i purchased at 190.000 tl)

i applied for the residence permit on 29 august and of course im waiting, i dont know if and when ill get the permit

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