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Turkish Residence Permit Approval Status is Unclear

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Just to quickly report back here too, after a little delay involving a lovely four-day (!) health check at Göztepe Hospital, which I had been asked to undergo just before they scrapped that requirement, I also did get my residence permit today. It's for seven months, as requested (as my insurance wasn't willing to extend the coverage prematurely...). Of course, given how long it took, those seven months are almost over now... :wacko:

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On 03/10/2018 at 12:01, GrahamN said:

My friend who got who got his postal application done in double quick time got his PTT message on Monday and his card on Tuesday. So from posting off his application to receiving the card 12 days in total. This is what it can and should be like. Long may it last. Only downside was that he got 1 year having applied for 2. So I still don't think it is worth bothering to apply for 2 years at the moment.

10 months on from this post, just curious, did he get a refund on half the price of the amount? I payed for 2 years, and i'm concerned i'll only get 1 year. Would be nice to have the amount carry over to the next years application. But maybe that's too complex a task for the system.

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You can get a refund. You just need to take your application, your tax receipts and your residence permit to tax office and fill out a claim form. They will refund the payment for the year you didn't get. They only pay it in to a Turkish bank account, so you'll need to have one.

I don't know of anybody who's done it but that's the procedure.

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