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Could anybody help me please especially if he has an acount in ING bank? I turned to my country foe a few days and it is important to me to know whether ING bank open an account for Iranian student who has legal resident permit and receive monthly income from university and has account in other two banks akbank and ziraat bank. This is important since I want to know how much money should I bring with me since ING bank has vadeli hesab with good interest

Any body help me? Any other bank is also possible for example vakif

it is really helpful for me

Also, does anybody know anything about viop istanbul

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hi there
about one year ago i asked a same question from an ING branch at my city. the answer was NO.  regardless the type of resident permit
if you are thinking  about o constant salary by depositing money ask the Deniz BANK too.
nice interest rate .actually i am curious too find a good bank with good interest rate.

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On 28/08/2018 at 09:30, Star said:

arash please check your pm

hi. sorry to answer late. just now checked the forum.
i faced the same issue at DENIZ BANK. although the  bank centeral telephone assistant approved me but the bank denied me for opening a vadeli account.
so i decide to change it do Swiss Frank & euro and keep it at my home. in my opinion, such a racist behavior by Turkish gov against Iranian civilians doesn't worth any kind of investment in here.

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