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It absolutely staggerred me to read of a recent case in the papers.......ıl-sonra-gelen-borçla-şok-oldu/ar-BBLyySg?li=BByfdlx 

In a nutshell, a woman (with one son), divorced from her husband, after 15 years has received a legal notice to repay a debt (with interest) on a loan taken out by the ex-husband AFTER their divorce.   As the story goes, the ex died without repaying the loan, whereupon, under Turkish inheritance law, the "debt" was inherited by their son (being the only "first-degree" relative).  But the son died 4 months ago in a work accident, therefore his mother (as the son's only "first-degree" relative) has now seemingly inherited this debt !  And of course she can't pay as she gets only a meagre pension.

It seems so unjust, & I'm sure I've read somewhere that heirs are free to refuse an inheritance for whatever reason (though most don't, of course). Can any lawyer clarify whether this debt can be enforced upon this woman?  I'm wondering because my brother-in-law seems to be involved in similar circumstances.

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Well, I did some research & found this revelation from this link :

3. Debts of the estate and disclaimer of inheritance

All rights and liabilities of the deceased pass to the heirs at the time of death. The heirs are successors not only to the assets of the deceased person, but also to his debts. In some cases, the wealth left as inheritance may not be sufficient to cover the debts of the deceased. An heir who wishes not to be liable for the debts may disclaim his share of the estate within three months of the date he learns of the death of the deceased. In case of disclaimer, the estate passes to the next closest relatives of the deceased, who in turn, may also disclaim the estate.

What a pity, the son from the newspaper article died "4 months ago" ! Obviously his Mother was unaware of the above (as are many of us) & now in the sad situation of having to repay her ex's debt.  Doubtless the creditors must have been aware of the legalities & not let on, so they could recover their money ! :(  Well, this is Turkey!

Anyone who has a debt, or a close relative with a debt, should become acquainted with these laws in case they fall prey to the same traps as this unfortunate woman has done. :( 

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