Residency benefits for home owners

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Hello All,

I finally found this forum and I think there would be someone who can help me answer my questions.

We bought a home recently in Istanbul and we're told that we can apply for a residency based on the ownership.

My questions are:

- is there any benefit of applying for the residency, given that I don't need a visa to enter turkey with my current passport?

- how much would it cost? 

- what is the validity of it or is it something like a permanent residency?

- would it help in obtaining citizenship?


Thanks In advance for all the answers



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You may not need a visa, but there is probably a restriction on how much time you can spend in Turkey without a residence permit. Go to E-visa.gov.tr and enter your information as if you are applying for an e-visa, and it will tell you that you don't need one, and how long you can stay in the country. If you only want to be in Turkey for that time and then leave every year, then you may not want to get a residence permit. But if you want to live here throughout the year, you will need one.

You don't say what kind of residence permit you want, so I can't give you a cost... these are the fees for 2017.

It's not permanent, it has to be renewed every year.

Citizenship would be the ultimate, but you have to live here for five years first, speak Turkish fluently, pass an interview, etc...





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