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Obtain proof of divorce

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Hi all,

I wonder if anyone can advise me as to where I can proof of divorce in Turkey. I contacted the Turkish Embassy in London, but they said I need to contact the appropriate court.

My ex is unwilling to give me a copy of any papers. I only have a date and location.

I'm currently based in the UK and have no means of getting to Turkey at this moment.

Many thanks :)

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if you mean the case date with "date and location", any lawyer can find it out.

if you need a copy of the decree, you need to give a poa to the lawyer to let him get the copy for you..

if you give a poa, that lawyer can get the original signed copy and apostile for you...



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Hi Jon, 

It has been a while since you wrote this thread. But if you still need a comment, I would be happy to do that. 

The right of obtaining an official paper from a court have been exclusively granted to the lawyers. OR you can individually ask it by being present at the court. 

Unfortunately, your son would not have a right to get the papers (unless he is a registered lawyer in Turkey) from the court even if you authorized him with a Power of Attorney. 

I do not think a local lawyer in Antalya would charge you that much for an easy work. It is worth to contact one of them. 



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