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What does it really mean by 1+1, 2+1, 3+2?

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Ad Jam

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Hi all,

In my understanding for most of property advertisement in Turkish, they will provide the rooms arrangement as 3+1 which translates to 3 bedrooms + 1 living room. How about if the arrangement stated as 3+2, does it means that it has 2 living rooms? Is it suitable if one of the living room converted as bedroom as well?

I am considering to look up for the apartment whether it has 3+1 or 2+2 by considering the latter I can convert it as bedroom to accommodate any guest.

Can anybody explain to me graphically (if any) showing the floor plan of typical apartment in Turkey that have the 3+2 / 4+2 etc arrangement? I can visually imagine the 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 ... as it available online.



Ad Jam

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Hi Ad Jam,

Yes, presumably 3+2 means 2 living areas.  Of course you could use one of the living areas as a bedroom, but you'd need to check the actual plan first for suitability.  For example, the living areas might be "through" zones, with traffic walking through (not suitable as bedroom).  Many ads for sale or rental have lots of photos but rarely a floor plan.... good luck! :)


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I would remember that if you are looking at Villa's or properties along the coast, that it probably will not be suitable as it will be on main floor of living. (Most of the time) Oftentimes in those types of properties,  master bedroom is top floor, smaller bedrooms on middle level, and other living space on entrance level. Not a huge difference in the first answer, just wanted to provide a little input for a different type of property. 

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