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My mother and I have Tunisian passports (which do not require visa entry to Turkey) and we are planning to move and stay in Izmir for a couple of years. We are currently in Erbil, Iraq (I also have an Iraqi passport but I think thats irrelevant now). 
My mother teaches French for high levels and she might sit for the DALF there in Izmir in November. And she is also receiving retirement salary every month.  

I would like to have an idea on the process of residency that we will go through. It must be much simpler with less headaches than trying to leave for Europe for example. 

I would also appreciate to have information on good quiet neighbourhoods maybe close to the city center, not so expensive, availability of transportation systems to the sea... 

Appreciate your help.



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Hi Abdul, please see these articles about residence permits:

If you are over 18, then each of you would be getting a short-term residence permit.

The articles are somewhat out-of-date at the moment and will be re-written in a month or so, but the only major change I can think of is that you will need a criminal records report from the country you are coming from.

Also see the other topics in the Izmir forum. There are a few which talk about where to live in Izmir, and also where to go to get your residence permit in Izmir.

Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)

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Welcome to the Forum Abdulrahman, Like most large cities you will not find an area close to the centre where you will find cheap accommodation. Most of the cheaper areas are on the outskirts.

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