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Hi every body

My son  born in U.K and  have dual nationality and has done first yoklama to military service and never bothered again. Now he is 31 and he wants to go to Turkey for holiday He thinks if he goes there with his British passport He reckons they don't even know he has not done his military service. I am worried because I am still known there as my married surname which is same with his. Also in his British passport His middle mame is Turkish. I am worried sick but he thinks the immigration police wouldn't notice because he has British passport.

your answer would be  highly appreciated because I worried sick.



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Hi Fusun,  welcome to the forum.

I understand your worry for your son, especially as you say he has done his first yoklama.  Your son may be taking a risk by just turning up with a British passport; you should check if his passport states anything about dual nationality in it.  If they detain him at the airport there could be a problem (it has happened before).  On the other hand they may not notice (depends on the vigilance of the passport control officer, either arriving or departing). 

To put your mind at rest, the Turkish Consulate should be able to advise on his current military status, best done before he leaves.......  Good luck! :)

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