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Trying to locate a friend - Dave Martin

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Does anybody know a Dave Martin?  I've been trying to locate him for the last year.  We were corresponding and suddenly there were no more emails.  I have no way to contact  him and somehow I fear the worst.  If anybody can tell me what happened I'd appreciate  it.



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His work was delivering boats and/or seeing if they were seaworthy.  Last I heard from him he was testing out a boat in Italy and was just about finished doing so.  He said he might stop back in Kas before coming to Toronto just to see how things were there.  This was in the fall of 2016.  Haven't heard from him since.  We had planned to meet up and renew our friendship.

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I've contacted a friend in Kaş who will probably know him if he lived there. I will reply to your PM regarding this. Since I don't know if I will be successful in finding him, anybody else is certainly invited to help as well.

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I looked Dave Martin up on Google and this is what I found ... ABBProject Director - ABB

December 2015 – Present (2 years 7 months)St Neots

Project Director: TANAP Pipeline Project Turkey: Scope includes Telecom, SCADA, Pipeline Monitoring System and Control Building.  And this article was only a few days ago ... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/ap/article-5835797/First-gas-arrives-Turkey-pipeline-Azerbaijan.html   ... and these are the contact details for TANAP along with email addresses, so you could give that a go ... http://www.tanap.com/contact/addresses/    x Angela x 

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Did you find him yet Diane?  Was the information I gave you of any help?  x Angela x

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No I haven't found him yet.  I appreciate the information you gave me but I know that he didn't work in the UK.  He is American by birth but adopted Canada after the Vietnam war.  His job was delivering boats to different parts of the world.  I, unfortunately, think that something drastic happened to him.  He was planning on meeting me back in Toronto when he returned to renew his passport.....never heard from him again.

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Ah ha Diane!  So ... There is a very famous poem by an anonymous writer who explains that different people come into our lives to serve different purposes.  Many of us can meet people in our lives and we might not be aware of why they have arrived or left, and it could take us a while to realise this.  People who have read this poem find it inspiring because it ultimately means that even if someone has left our life, it can have a positive influence in our lives and not one that is only negative.  Below is the poem below. After you’ve read this, pick a few different people in your life and find out whether they are a Season, Reason or a Lifetime.

season reason or lifetime poem

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That's lovely.  I've heard something similar but not so succinctly put.  It's been almost two years since I last heard from him.  As I said we were planning to meet up in Toronto when he renewed his passport.   Last think I heard he was making plans to do so but was thinking of stopping back in Kas to see what the situation was like there.  I just wish I knew what happened to him.  He was a lovely man and I was looking forward to seeing him again.  Perhaps he was in my life for a reason.  For sure he helped me considerably with his wisdom and support as I was going thru a difficult time.  I've since come thru it and life is good.  I appreciate your emails and your interest.



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You're welcome and I hope he contacts you sooner or later... I feel sure he will... there seems to be a good bond between the 2 of you... God bless you, Angela x

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You are a lovely lady Angela (your names suits you).  I sincerely hope he contacts me as well or at the very least that I find out what happened.   May you be blessed as well.  Hey maybe i should take a trip to Kas and find out what I can myself?  I've been to Turkey but only spent a week there.

All the best to you Angela.



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Ah thanks Diane ... what a sweety you are with such nice comments to me ... much appreciated.  I own 3 x properties in Side (pronounced See-Day) and am in the process of buying a 4th, so you are more than welcome to come and stay for free for a week or two ... just pay say £100 for the 1 or 2 weeks which would cover the cost of the cleaning, laundry, electricity and water that you would use during that time ... I will be in Side from 5th September until 30th November this year ... one I live in, one I rent out, one I am selling for £40,000 including all the furniture, 2 bedrooms, 2 balconies, big communal swimming pool, on first floor level in a block of 6 although the complex has 86 apartments in total, and a 10 minute walk to the beach.  This 4th one I'm buying has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, all furniture included, on 2 levels in a complex of just 4 apartments yet there is a swimming pool for just those 4 ... also a 10 minute walk to the beach and the cost is £65,000 which is what I paid for 2 of the other 3 that only have 2 bedrooms!  Quite a bargain eh?!  And here's an email I sent last week to a guy who was enquiring about buying my apartment at Green Apart complex in Side  QUOTE


Hello Cansu - I enjoyed our chat - - thank you for your enquiry about
my property in Turkey.  Here are a few pictures of it ...


And here are some photos of Side ...

And photos of Capadoccia, Turkey which you can do on a tour from Side
(see below for SideDailyTours.com) ...

... for 100 Euros or £88.44 .. it is a 3-day/2-night trip and is
amazingly cheap when you consider the distances to be travelled, the
fact that the 100 Euros covers the cost of the hotel with breakfast
and dinner each day, and all the tours ...
  ... it goes twice each week - on Tuesdays and Fridays ...

I will be back in Side from 5th September until 30th November.  Of
course you can view the property any time.  I have friends in Side who
have the keys but you would only be able to buy it when I am there ...
please see above dates...

Umut Pide is only a 5-minute walk from that property and it's mainly
the local Turks who eat there because the food is very inexpensive yet
very tasty.  It is open 24 hours a day - all 7 days of the week ...
here are some photos of Umut ...

And here's the very best website for tours from Side ... you pay 10%
when making the booking on-line and the remaining 90% on the day of
the trip ... https://www.sidedailytours.com/en/ .. if you have not
done it before, do try the white water rafting which is good for all
ages and abilities ... see here ...
  It only costs 30 Euros per person = £26.52 - and that includes lunch
of trout or chicken but drinks are extra ...

The best place to check for flights from Gatwick to Antalya I have
found to be www.skyscanner.net - - for example, it would cost you £166
each return if you flew on Tuesday, 18th September until Friday, 5th
October with Thomas Cook Airlines direct ... then you need a transfer
from Antalya Airport to Side which costs £15 per person each way for
one person or £25 each way for 2 people ... you will be offered free
soft drinks and free WiFi for the 50-minute journey.... just email
them when you know your flight times and dates with those and your
full names etc to ... [email protected] ...they will have a
child's seat in the car/bus and can probably loan you a cot whilst you
stay in Side as well ... just ask them when you have your dates fixed
firmly please...

OR also at £166 per person return, depart on Thursday, 27th September
and go back to Gatwick on Friday, 5th October also with Thomas Cook
Airlines direct flights that take about 4 hours each way Gatwick to

If you prefer to stay in Old Town Side in a lovely little bed and
breakfast, look no further than Antonios Motel = £106 per person for 8
nights to coincide with the flights - i.e. IN 27th September and OUT
5th October ...
- - or the Beach House Hotel is also in the Old Town ...

If I can help any further, please let me know.

Kind regards, and God bless you,

Angela x     UNQUOTE




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