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We are looking for an exciting guide to show us around Istanbul for a BBC show! You do not need experience as a tour guide but will need to have good English and be able to show us parts of the city that will awaken the senses. We want to experience the weird and wonderful side of Istanbul – nothing is out of bounds!!

Please get in touch with freddie.langehewlett@spungoldtv.com if you are interested, or if you know anyone that would fit the bill!

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Just expanding on what Goreme said, there are a lot of fake tour guides who might make you think they know what they are talking about, but they don't. Some of them hang around hotels and other touristy places trying to make money showing tourists around. But what they are doing is illegal. The licensed tour guides are extremely knowledgeable, their training is intensive, and they take their profession very seriously. Goreme is rather famous for writing books about Istanbul, so if she recommends a licensed tour guide, you should go with her recommendation. She is the one I would ask! :)

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