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Hello everyone,

I applied for a student residence permit and received the card 2 weeks ago but my name was written wrong, so i went back for a correction. Now i have to leave the country before getting the new card. Could someone else receive the card for me with a legal document or so? if i traveled and didn't come back within 15 days period what will happen? would i be able to enter the country and would the residence permit be valid?

please help


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If you are not there, the PTT (post office) will keep it for a while, I believe it is 30 days. You can go and get it from the post office. After that they will send it back to the Directorate General of Migration Management. There is a way to have someone receive it for you, but you should call 157 and ask them about this. You can also get a power of attorney for someone to pick it up, but I am not sure about this. Hopefully someone at the 157 helpline can help.

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