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Vocational school associate degree?

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I was considering enrolling to get an associate degree at a Vocational school within university (M. Yüksekokulu) in Turkey in the near future, but every local I know objected saying I would be surrounded by careless,mediocre students and drug addicts in an environment totally unfit for learning. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of degree? should I really avoid it that much?



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I have never seen a school which was like that. Turkish teachers are typically very professional, and the students respectful of the teachers. When you say "every local I know," what do you mean by "local?" If you are in Turkey, you could always sit in on some classes and see for yourself.

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By locals I mean Turkish students. I've asked people from Bursa,Izmit,Istanbul,Eskişehir and Adana and they all said the same thing. That this particular type of establishment (Meslek Yüksekokulu) is mostly attended by the "good for nothing" type of student,who are mostly there because they don't have anything else to do,and could care less about actually studying.

I am not currently in Turkey, which is why I'm looking for what people on the internet (especially other fellow foreigners) have to say on the matter due to being unable to check it out myself

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Associate degrees are vocational qualifications. There are currently two and a half million students taking associate degrees, including my daughter.  

Associate degrees are the qualification held by many staff in hotels and catering, hospitals, kindergartens, government offices and many other places.

Associate degrees require lower scores in the university exam than 4-year degrees.

If you are not a Turkish citizen, I can't think of any reason why you would want such a degree, as the jobs they lead to are done by Turkish people and are not open to foreigners.

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