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Hi all

I really need some desperate help on answers to my questions please:

1: Will Turkish person be jailed for unpaid money debt of only 15000 liras ?

2: How can I find out for sure if someone actually got put in a particular prison in Turkey?

Thankyou in advance

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If you don't mind me asking, did a man you either met while on holiday in Turkey, or only know from social media, tell you he was in prison and that you need to send money to a certain bank account?

One clue will be how he contacted you to tell you this. Did you receive an e-mail from him telling you this, or on Facebook, how did he tell you he was in prison? Who told you he was in prison? Did he provide the telephone number of the prison so you could call and see if he is there?

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Thanks Ken,

No, I actually met him in person while I was on holiday in Turkey. Remained friends for over 2 years. We kept contact by whatapp. I've heard all the stories & scams! I wasnt looking for relationshion or holiday romance! But I have been back to Turkey a few times met up with him and my English friends too. I was conscious not to be sponged for money Ken. Thanks. He never actually ASKED me for money, just told lots of SAD stories! Ie: got threw out of rented home as cant afford rent, old phone broke or got stolen etc.  However one's human feelings died hard! I did sent money to help when I believed its genuine! But not always sucummed to his misfortune! Many times he said he gas debts with bank i'd ignored!  This time when he told me he has to go to court, then sent me docs I didnt understand Turkush! To cut tge story short, he said hes been fined penalty n taken  to Alanya prison for two months, phone taken off after last message 2 weeks ago. 

So yes, to find out if he is really in prison? It would proof once and for all if he told me all truth or porkies in the passed 2 years. :-) 

But do you know if i can actually call the prison? Will they talk to me and willing to give information? 

I read your help on "George's" forum

Thanks for listening Ken

PS: I was goggle searching " how do I find out if someone is in prison ? that I read info on "George" issue here thats why I registered and asked for help. :-) cheers

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I apologize for my very late reply. I have been having some major problems getting on the internet the last couple of days. Anyway here is the website for the Alanya prison.
Alanya Prison Website

For contact information, click on "İletişim." Unfortunately it is all in Turkish, and I kind of doubt anybody who answers will speak English, but they might.

I don't know if they release information to anyone but family, but you can try.

Often they don't ask for money. That would be too obvious. The sad stories are as effective as asking. They might even refuse, saying they are ashamed, you are too kind, they don't deserve it, etc... whereupon you will insist and give them money. Then of course they will swear and promise to pay it back. But they never will. Then they will be very nice to you, in the hopes that they can have another dire emergency and get (or "borrow") more money. They may have several people they are telling the same story to, and getting money from. 

I have seen it all, and I have been victim of it a few times myself. In the end I always lose the money, and the friendship as well. I have also seen a few miracles. They occur when I don't loan them or give them money. They miraculously find another way to fix their dire problem, and everything miraculously turns out okay.

AngelaTurkey recently had a friend in the Alanya prison. You might contact her as well and see if she can help. On her profile, click the option to send her a message.


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Thankyou very much Ken, 

Somebody else replied to me with Alanya prison link too. I called the prison, asked someone to speak English. I gave them the name of the person I needed to find, they confirmed he is currently imprisoned there.( hopefully not someone with same name! LoL ) Thats the important answer I needed really, just to proved if he told the truth?! I do believed he owed that money as he didnt work 3 months for winter season. But I cant believed why they imprisoned him for that and still need to repay?! How can he earn money to pay if he's locked up?

Yes, you are so right! They are clever at it! I heard all the typical stories in Turkey! I vowed never to fall for it, but I still did helped him from time to time, so I felt I dont want to be sponge by him any more! Even if hes in prison! I feel sorry for him! But its his own fault being Turkish, he should know his own outcome with the Turkish law! and not hope or expected me to bail him out!! I am not wealthy! And I have to look after my own living too. 

Thanks again for your time and suport. You've been a great help! :-) 

Cheers, take care, all the best Ken

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