Buying a home and Relocating

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Hello All,

I am currently looking into buying a home in Bodrum and relocating my family (wife/kids) to Turkey for good. Will buying a home in Turkey allow me and my family to have a permanent visa/residence in Turkey? Also I will buy 2 more homes in my name for my family (Mother/Father) to live in. Will my family (Mother/Father) members also get a residence/visa if I make them a renting contract for the home?

Thank you all in advance for any info

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Hi Guss,i'm based in Bodrum . The longest RP period you can apply for is 2 years. Providing like you they can show the relevant documents, specific health cover [if under 65] ,money in a Turkish bank..etc...etc...that should not be a problem for your parents.
Just bear in mind that as a family with children & parents all here there's no such thing as free healthcare for anyone over 18.
For you with a wife & children when in your 2nd year of holding your Residence Permit with a private health provider ,you'd be best to apply for the Turkish SGK health cover as that will cover yourself,wife & siblings. It's not overly cheap at nearly 500tl a month + annual premium increases,but has the best cover available in Turkey ,but like most policies it won't include pre existing & chronic conditions.

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