Shivaraj Patil

Is it legal to WORK REMOTELY (Online) from turkey on TOURIST VISA for 1 month?

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I'm a Indian want to travel to turkey for 1 month and want to work remotely from turkey, so is it legal or do I need other visa? yeah and no money transaction to any turkish banks or no business meeting or contacts with any turkish companies. I will work for Indian company remotely from turkey.


Ben bir Hintli 1 ay Türkiye'ye seyahat etmek istiyorum ve türkiyeden uzaktan çalışmak istiyorum, yasal mı yoksa başka vize mi ihtiyacım var? Evet ve tabii ki herhangi bir türk bankasına para iadesi yapılmayacak ya da herhangi bir türk firmasıyla hiçbir iş görüşmesi ya da teması olmayacaktır. Hintli şirket için türkiye'den uzaktan çalışacağım.

Thanks :)

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By the best legal definition I can find, "working in Turkey" involves working for a Turkish company, providing services for Turks in Turkey, and/or receiving payment for your work in Turkey. Because you will not be working for a Turkish company, you would never be able to get a work visa or work permit anyway. There are work laws concerning "freelancers," but they seem to be directed towards people who perform services in Turkey and get paid in Turkey. The law is silent, as far as I know, for people in your situation. In my opinion, you should have zero problems working online for a foreign company while in Turkey, and I wouldn't worry about it at all.

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