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Kanat Mynbayev

10 days holidays ang learnt English by the way

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Hi! I am planning to have a holiday travel this June to Turkey, Antalya for approx.  10 days and interested in combining my family holidays with English classes for my wife and two elder kids,  in Antalya, Turkey. For two weeks. 

Also I’d like to learn Turkish myself and if you can advise such course for me I would attend for a half a day and be near my family. 

Another issue is that we are also planning to take our little daughter with us (3,5 yrs old) and if I attend the courses we need to find a place for her when I’m busy. 



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I know of two places in Muratpaşa where you can take courses. Muratpaşa is the city center. If you are in Lara, east of the city center, or Konyaaltı, west of city center, there may be a place in those places.

The first is Tömer. This is a part of Ankara University. They have daily Turkish classes in classroom. Click on the link, then "İletişim." Then select the "Antalya Şubesi" for the address and a map showing where it is.

The second is the Turkish American Association. Click on "Bize Ulaşın" Then "İletişim." That also has directions and a map. This school is right next to the Antray tram, so if you are elsewhere along the tram route, you can easily take the tram to the school. They have smaller classes so that might be a plus. They are right next to the İsmetpaşa tram stop.

Both schools also have English courses, but I don't think either has any native English speakers. You would have to ask them about this if it is a must-have. 



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